Power Your
Compliance Intelligence

97 percent of our past conference attendees have told us they like our educational content!

The value of coming to the user conference is getting the opportunity to learn more than just the basics, it’s immersing yourself in an environment where talent, experience, and industry expertise collide.

When new users come to our basic trainings, they’re hit with volumes of information. Learning a new system is challenging enough, much less triangulating how this system applies to your existing operations and how it can make things better.

New users max out their learning bandwidth with what’s being taught, so they spend their time in standard trainings learning how to use the fundamentals. The user conference gives them the space to look at what else the software can do for them, and spark new ideas regarding what else it can be used for.

Seasoned users gain even more expertise at the conference because they find more contemporaries here than at any other conference. Another part of that is finding out how other businesses manage their work. How are the companies making footprints in their market handling these issues? It’s instructive to be able to compare yourself to others because doing so paints a picture of what’s attainable.

The conference changes the narrative of “here’s where I am now” to “we could be as good or as efficient as these other companies.” Often there are case studies, so attendees can listen in-person to power users talking about their stories. Additionally, there are networking opportunities, so in the future you have more connections in this truely unique compliance industry.

The user conference is advanced solutions training dressed up in a social wrapper, and this year it asks you to power your compliance intelligence.